03 September 2008

Day Nineteen (Commute Day Ten)


It feels like forever since my last post. What are you wearing?

Name that Bike!

I made my first customization to my new ride this morning. This will be my most critical piece of hardware on those cool, misty mornings ahead. The only problem is it blocks the neat-o Black
Sheep logo.

I'm looking for suggestions for a name for this ride. Kevin McEvoy from Jacksonville, Fla. suggested Folly. I really like that name but I'm going to open it up for a public vote and will abide whatever's decided in this forum. Send me your suggestion via comments. I'll pick the best three or four (if I get that many responses) and post a poll. Preferential treatment will be given names with an -y or -ie suffix or that are easily ammendable as such.

Here's a full shot of this ride for your reference.

Happy Cycling!


KevinM said...

Such a sweet ride!!! (East Coast M is on to something here with the !!! I feel strangely liberated!!!)
Folly would look even better with a free radical on the back: http://www.xtracycle.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/home_family.jpg

I got one on my bike. Carry your kids, groceries, beer (sweet sweet beer), kayak, surfboard. Whatever! Eli loves to stand on the back and surf down the street.

Utilitize it!!!

ha said...

Frankie (Johnny's counterpart in the song)!

There's gotta be some good horse names too, considering the fact that this is your metal steed..

Could think of more but not right now.

Sean P. Hutchinson said...

I used to have a hermit crab named Blackie.

Sean P. Hutchinson said...

Okay, so we've got these candidates:

I'll be accepting additional suggestions through the weekend and settle on the top four before posting the poll on Monday.