30 March 2009

The Oregonian expands the divide

What is it with The Oregonian and cyclist advocacy these days? Did anyone see the Jack Ohman's caption contest this week?


If you read this, submit an entry that satirizes the O's take on CRC, the Idaho Law, etc.

To read more about their editorial board's favorite target these days, go here:


04 March 2009

Some Numbers...

You're tired of the same old excuses: work, two kids, diarrhetic cramping. There is good news. I'm halfway through the Year of the Bike--200 days to be exact. Excluding weekends, holidays and telecommutes that's 115 commute days or...
1610 Miles
80,500 Calories
1575.5 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide reduced.
So, I guess I don't' feel that guilty about not blogging.
Gotta run (see excuses above)!